Let’s do something new

Isaiah 43:18-21

The new year is here! Every year we get excited because of the newness of the Year. New beginnings! We pledge to make this the best year ever. We start our new gym membership because we want a new look to go with the new year. We start eating better.  We pledge to cook at home and not eat fast food. We stop trash talking. We become mindful of the language we use before speaking.

Then the gym starts to interfere with other things we would rather do.
Our eating habits start to slip when we see that double chocolate cake. Fast food is quick and convenient.
We start trash talking when the first person disagrees with us.

St John Chrysostom quoted
"When we once begin to form good resolutions, God gives us every opportunity of carrying them out."

Pastor Hamilton started this New Year with a message titled “Let’s Do Something New.”
In Isaiah 43:18, The deliverance of the nation in the past will not compare to the future deliverance God will give His people.
 God want to show His people that no other god can compare to Him.  God will get the praise that is due to Him by His chosen people.
Now that you know that you are chosen, How are you giving God a New praise?
What is new in your life since you got saved? Are you still doing the same thing?
It is hard for us to move on from our past because we like hanging on to stuff. We need to let go of stuff and allow God to work things out for us.

Pastor’s Points:
Turn the page on your past
Tear down your blessing blockers
Thank God for his grace

Which point has touched your heart to 

We want to hear from you!!!


John 1:9-13
Have you ever been to a birthday party and you were amazed with all the work put into the preparations? As you enjoy the party, you get caught up in the decorations, the food, and the music. Then you notice one major detail. Where is the guest of honor?
Pastor Hamilton made a valid point as he spoke about the woman of a Home Owners Association, who had to pick a home with the best Christmas decorations. No one won because it was suppose to be about Jesus. There was no room for Jesus on their lawns because they where fixated on the décor. Perhaps, their focus was more on how to outshine their neighbor than to display Jesus.  
How about you, have you forgotten about Jesus? During this time of year, we can get caught up in making sure we have the best Christmas tree, decoration, and purchasing gifts for family and friends. What will you do with Jesus?
God wants to set us free. He sent a “True Light”, Jesus, to save us. “Then Jesus again spoke to them saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” (John 8:12) It is good to know that we will not be in Spiritual darkness as long as we have Jesus.
Whatever we are going through, we can trust that God will handle it. We can’t allow our hurts to destroy us. Jesus didn’t allow rejection to ruin him because he was here for a much greater cause, to seek and to save the lost. (Matthew 18:11)
As a believer in Christ, how can you encourage others to fully trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
·         We need to let Him be our God.
·         Lean on Him When you hurt
·         Lift Him up in Praise
Which point can you most relate to?

Blind Sided—Handling Life’s Surprising Hits

Part 1: “Move out of Moab”
Part 2: “Has the enemy attacked your house?”
As we delve into this sermon series, Blind Sided, we have to think about how we have dealt with situations in the past and how we plan to handle situations in the future once this series is complete.

How do you deal with being Blind Sided? Blind Sided is that thing you didn’t expect to happen. The unexpected thing in your life could cause you a great pain, hurt or confusion just when you thought things were going so well. The job you thought you would receive went to someone more qualified and with a higher education. You visit your parent to discover they have Alzheimer’s and they have no clue of who you are.
Part 1 “Move out of Moab”
Ruth chapter 1
Naomi was Blind Sided when her husband and sons died. She had lost her source of income. What do you do when you get hit? We have to choose not to suffer in isolation.  We need to share our sorrows with whom God has sent to us. Naomi’s daughter-in-law Ruth accompanied her back to Bethlehem. (Ruth 1: 6)
Perhaps God sent Ruth to comfort Naomi during such a trying time. The comfort wasn’t just for Naomi. It was for Ruth as well as because she lost her husband, Naomi’s son. God could speak and work through the person He has sent to help us. Do we really depend on God to work things out for us?

Part 2: "Has the enemy attacked your house?"  
1 Samuel 30: 1-6
David was not living in fellowship with God.  David allowed the enemy to come in and take everything he had.  Like David, could it be that we allow busyness and self directed decisions to break the foundations of our home, therefore, leaving room for the enemy to come in? Even, when all seems lost and your friends have become your enemy, we have a God who is full of mercy and we can return to Him in our darkest moments. We can encourage ourselves in the God of our salvation. The moment we return to the Lord, He will give us a Word for a great comeback.

We now have scriptures to rely on as we go through our situations. The question is will we rely on our own strength to get through them or will we depend on God? Even when it feels like we have lost everything. We have everything in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!!!!